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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The shape of things to come: Foie gras torchon v.1

We might as well start this thing off with two recent renditions of what is probably my favorite food, foie gras.

I recently made a foie gras torchon from a whole fattened duck liver I ordered online. The four day process really shows you how much work can go into making what is ultimately a very simple product. Regardless, it was a rewarding experience in both taste and for the opportunity it gave me to really think outside of the "foie gras box."

Foie gras torchon, pickled cherries, micro-herb salad
A Thomas Keller classic that really showcases the interplay between bitter, sour, and unctuous richness of the liver.

"Red" Foie Gras Torchon
Bruleed strawberries, beet syrup, citrus-honey sriracha
Now this was an original creation, sort of. But before we talk about that, the dish must be explained. Moving from right to left you have the slightly bitter and juicily sweet bruleed strawberries, next is the minerally sweet beet syrup, and last is the spicy sweet sriracha. I like progressions of flavor like this, using an ingredient or taste, in this case sugar, in a variety of different ways.

Now personally, I've never had a dish exactly like this, and to the best of my knowledge such a dish does not exist. But I also can't deny that I've had the bruleed strawberry terrine and Jean Georges, the beet-foie terrine at wd~50, and a terrine paired with spicy yuzu at StudioKitchen. I think I'm okay in culinary plagiarism department, but where is that line? This is a question I find myself asking constantly when both cooking and eating.

Finally, an ode to xanthan gum, the nearly flavorless, super-thickener that gives great plate coverage to just about anything. Molecular gastronomy at is finest, unobtrusive yet instrumental in the dish's preparation.


At 7/21/2006 8:40 AM, Anonymous will goldfarb said...

how can you get away with this on campus
duke has certainly changed
best wishes
will goldfarb

At 9/15/2006 4:01 PM, Blogger AsLaN O NaRnIa said...

Hi, im interested in making foie gras myself, but am worried about ruining the flavor. What might you suggest that I do to get the most out of it?


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